Custom Superhero Costume Service

Custom Superhero Costume Service

We have more than four years of experience on superhero costume design and production, and have a top-rank design team. We accept customers' special customizing requests:

1. Samples or Pictures For Custom-made

If you think the styles we owned are not enough to choose and you want to make a superhero costume that we do not have, you could contact our customer service representatives online or email for this, also it's better to provide us the correspond pictures and expatiation. Then our customer service representatives will contact the designer to communicate whether your style can be done or not, also how about the cost and time. After that our customer service representative will report back the information to you, if we done the deal we will send a payment requirement to you, once you paid successfully, we will arrange you order soon.

2. Parts Modification

If you are not so satisfied with the existed style of our superhero costume and want to add some creative changes, you can just contact our customer service representatives. Also that would be great if you can provide us the detailed information or corresponded pictures of the change you want, as that would help us to understand your meaning exactly and then make the right suit for you.

3. Size Custom

If the sizes we provided at our website are not suitable for you, please do not worry, you can put your specific requirements to your order notes when you place an order, we will make your suit in line with your requirements.

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